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Why do people think the Monopoly guy wore a monocle?


The belief that the Monopoly Man wore a monocle is a classic example of the Mandela Effect. When you conjure up an image of Mr. Monopoly (also known as Rich Uncle Pennybags), it’s common to imagine him with a top hat, a mustache, and a monocle. However, the truth is that he never actually wore a monocle in the official Monopoly game or on any Monopoly box or board.

Despite the widespread misconception, here are the facts:

  1. Monopoly Man’s Appearance:
  2. The Mandela Effect:
  3. Debunking the Monocle Myth:

So, next time you play Monopoly, remember that the Monopoly Man’s eyesight is just fine—no monocle needed! 🎩🔍


[Source: Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls; a movie which includes the funniest scene in film history, according to one prominent Hollywood director. Given the film’s somewhat problematic nature, yet its ability to spawn a Mandela Effect unto itself, I would say that the director is right. That rhino ass birth scene is fucking hilarious.]